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Church Planting

Along with the Assemblies of God churches in Mozambique we are training and sending pastors to plant churches in unreached communities.

local church in Pemba

The Assemblies of God church in Mozambique has church planting in their DNA. Their goal is to have a local church within walking distance of every household in Mozambique. By walking distance they are saying approximately 3 miles from every home. We strategize with the Assemblies of God on a national and provincial level to see where churches need to be planted. And then we partner with them to see churches planted in the unreached communities.

To better assist the Assemblies of God churches in Mozambique and their endeavors in church planting we began translating curriculum for a church planting school. This curriculum will be unique in that it doesn't require a certain level of academics as there are no books involved. It is a video-based training tool that the church planting teams can use from their own homes. This will be extremely helpful as many potential church planters can't be away from their responsibilities at home in order to get a formal education. This church planting curriculum will fit the need for training, yet won't require years away from their families.

To make this possible, we are asking that if you have a tablet or smart phone that you no longer are using that you would consider donating that device to our church planting school. With your donated device someone can be trained and plant a church in an unreached community.

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