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Along with the Assemblies of God churches in Mozambique we are developing curriculum for churches to disciple followers of Jesus.

Mozambique team

Current and culturally acceptable discipleship material is hard to come by in Mozambique. Our vision is to see Mozambicans develop discipleship curriculum for Mozambicans. They know their culture and language the best. They know and understand the realities that families in their church face on a daily basis. And they are people of prayer who hear the voice of God. So in our modest opinion, a team of Mozambicans is the best option for producing discipleship material that will transform the lives of those in their community. We have the privilege of working with very gifted and talented young people who are sold out followers of Jesus as we journey down this road of curriculum development.

On a weekly basis we lesson plan with this group of young volunteers. We guide the group discussion in order to decide on a lesson theme, object lesson, skit, Bible verse, and a Bible story. It's always a learning experience for us as we hear about culturally acceptable ways to illustrate Bible verses and grasp the meaning behind Scripture. Once lesson plans are established we work to compile them into book form which can then be printed for churches across Mozambique. We want to emphasize the importance of teamwork in this process as we are all growing in our relationship with Christ and we are on a journey together to be lifelong followers of Him.

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