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Water Solutions

Along with the Assemblies of God churches in Mozambique we are providing a means for families to have clean drinking water in their community.

new water buckets to receive fresh water from new water well in Samora Machel

Still today there are countless families across Mozambique that have no access to clean drinking water within their community. Under the umbrella of AGWM Africa we have a compassion-based ministry called the Africa Oasis Project. We work closely with them to identify communities in need and then work with them to find a solution, like we did in the village of Samora Machel.

Samora Machel is a village of about 5,000 people. Their only water source was a river several kilometers away or hand dug wells that would either dry up shortly after the rainy season or be easily contaminated with disease. The pastor of the small Assemblies of God church expressed his desire to provide clean water for the community as a way to show the love and compassion of Christ. Together with the Africa Oasis Project we began working to help this local pastor. Research and tests were done to see if there was water below the surface so a water well could be drilled. The results from the geophysicist came back positive with water found under the property of the church. A drilling company was hired. A water well was drilled and a pump was installed. And today clean water is flowing from the church. For the first time in history the community of Samora Machel has clean drinking water available inside the limits of their village. The community was overjoyed, and today more families are attending church and their lives are being transformed by the Living Water, Jesus!

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